Hi, it's Brian!

Twitter is currently burning, and it is clear that I need to have an online home that I control. I am 100% too lazy to make a whole ass blog right now. I'm not even going to write up a short autobiography. But, I wanted to get something started.

I think I would like to build my little corner of the net into a full-featured, personal microblog. I want to set it up so that short posts I make here can be tagged and sent to a place like Mastodon to drive engagement, but I don't want to sign up for someone else's service to make that happen. I know that nice ones are out there, but I really like the idea of just owning all the things.

By the way, if you haven't yet started the process of migrating over to Mastodon, there are some great tools available help make that easier. You can find me there: @brianward@mastodon.online.

What was that about a blog?

So despite what I said above, I did actually turn this into a low-effort blog:

You can subscribe for updates in your favorite RSS feed reader. It's almost like Twitter, but without the megalomaniacs, trolls, and shitposters.

This website is artisanally handcrafted at the moment. It is a complete work in progress, so don't expect to see any nice responsiveness here right now. There are many known styling bugs. I'm outsourcing the main pages right now until I have more time to care about making this nice.